Facial & Skin care

We offer three well known beauty brands to carry out facial treatments – Dermalogica, Guinot and Image.  This enables our highly trained and professional skin therapists to offer you a prescriptive treatment which will best suit your skin needs and concerns.  Therefore you can be assured that after each treatment your skin will look and feel amazing. 

Guinot Treatments
Guinot is synonymous with result driven, quality treatments and skincare. Salon treatments and dedication to the Beauty Therapy industry have set the standard in professional beauty for more than 40 years. Guinot is dedicated to the advancement of result-driven skin therapy through professional clinical treatments and scientific skincare formulations. While Guinot’s advanced therapies are wonderfully relaxing, they are primarily about addressing specific skin care issues.

A stimulating thermal facial that has been specially developed to treat the problems associated with mature skin. Rich in Pro Collagen, Peptides and Vitamin C, the treatment will strengthen elasticity and firmness whilst stimulating cell regeneration.  Treatment time 75 minutes

Hydradermie Facial
An effective professional facial treatment, caring for the neck and delicate skin around the eyes. Incorporating the use of electrotherapy, the skin is deeply cleansed, hydrated and regenerated.  Treatment time 75 minutes

Double Ionization Hydradermie
This treatment corrects skin problems from the inside out and promises to leave your complexion balanced, healthy and glowing. An update to the award-winning hydradermie facial, this advanced noninvasive procedure incorporates two newly-shaped electrodes, which allows for a 38 per cent increase in ionization, providing quicker and deeper penetration of the active ingredients. This next generation facial also boasts two ball stimulation rollers, which are used to improve facial muscular stimulation and keep ageing at bay.

Hydradermie Lift
The complete non-surgical anti-ageing treatment for the face. Using the Hydradermie machine unique to Guinot, this targeted treatment reduces signs of ageing, fatigue and puffiness. It firms and smoothens away fine lines, restoring a relaxed rejuvenated look to the whole face.  Treatment time 75 minutes

Aromatic Holistic
A holistic treatment to enhance each skin type, with the beautifying and therapeutic energy of essential oils and plant extracts. The unique, personalized treatment combines the benefits of essential oils with massaging techniques to fill your skin with energy and provide a long-lasting effect. Concluding with an Aromatic mask your skin will recover its natural radiance.   

Aromatic Deep Cleanse
Fusing plant extracts selected for the treatment action and essential oils chosen for their energizing benefits, this treatment is guaranteed to rid your skin of impurities and restore its radiance and luminosity.

Beauty Neuve Peel
A paraben-free, double peeling treatment with pure vitamin c, glycolic and fruit acids. This treatment stimulates cellular renewal, repairs and restores damaged skin cells, replenishes moisture levels and improves skin texture.  Treatment time 75 minutes

Utilizing a combination of powerful actives to deep clean and regulate excess sebum, partnered with Guinot's Thermoclean technology to free the skin of toxins this targeted treatment will deep clean the skin, refine fine lines and brighten the complexion. Treatment time 45 minutes

Eye Hydradermie
An excellent restorative eye treatment which treats fine lines, dark shadows and puffiness with the use of electrotherapy and ampoule therapy.  Treatment time 45 minutes